When sending in work, please remember to follow our guidelines

We ask everyone who sends in work for consideration to show that they have bought a literary magazine recently. That's any literary magazine, not just ours. An explanation for this can be found in the FAQ on our guidelines page. 

Please note that the 'long short story' category is exclusively for previously published Structo authors.

We are currently accepting submissions of novels for Structo Press, our book imprint.

Submissions are welcomed from authors of any background, as well as from translators. If you don’t feel represented on bookshop shelves, we would especially love to hear from you.

Our main markets are the UK and Éire, so if you live somewhere around here that would be a great help down the line, but it’s not a requirement.

As with the magazine, we are open to stories which fall vaguely under the banner of ‘literary fiction’ as well as to stories which play with genre. Take a look at some back issues of Structo to get a clearer idea of what we mean. They’re free to read online.

We are not the right place for YA, horror or erotica.

Our books are rigorously edited. If you do not wish to be edited, we are not the right publisher for you.


Please send a sample chapter and brief synopsis via Submittable or to Euan at books@structomagazine.co.uk.